The Dungeon - Set of 2 Modular Books of Battle Mats for RPG

Created by BattleMats

Adventure on 2 adaptive Books of Battle Mats which can align to create 1 epic endlessly evolving dungeon map. Wipe clean, portable, big. Shipping charged at a flat rate regardless of number of items added.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The stickers in action!
2 days ago – Mon, Aug 19, 2019 at 02:53:00 AM

We have been hard at work on the stickers!

Here as promised is the long awaited video update of our stickers in action! 

We have gone with a static cling after testing and retesting pretty much every sticker our manufacturers had to offer (needless to say they have a rather broad range!). 

The issue we ran into was adhesion. Stickers stick very well to laminated surfaces and we had a lot of issues with damage getting them off again. We were testing a laminated vinyl sticker (which is the toughest highest quality you can get in terms of stickers) and we were seeing too much damage even with really low levels of adhesive.

We resolved this by going for a static cling format. These are thin flexible stickers without any glue, they cling to smooth surfaces so can be used on any laminated surface and also glass. They are just perfect as you can see in the video. They are thin, flexible, easy to pop on and off and they are incredible sturdy and robust and wear is non existent thus far (and we have been playing with these quite extensively!). They leave no residue, can be left in the book as long as you like so you can prep games ahead of time and store the clings in the book if you'd like to for easy transport.

So we are delighted to finally present them to you!

The last few weeks have been very detail focused for us going back and forth with the printers to agree, check and double check every detail! We have now begun printing and we will keep you up to date as we move through manufacture!

Just so you have a glimpse into the sort of details we have been finalising (above and beyond obviously the designs to ensure they come out exactly as we want them too) we need to set case quantities (i.e. how many books in a case) and plan how high they can stack (we only stack 5 cases high on a pallet to prevent squashing). We don't "flood fill" our shipping containers (i.e. stack to the roof) so once we have all this info we then start planning fulfillment - how many containers and what needs to go where! 

Big nod to our fulfillment partner GamesQuest here who will have the job of coordinating fulfillment from 5 regional hubs and who are involved at this stage to get the process underway! They will coordinate directly with our manufacturers to specify quantities, shipping destinations and packing requirements.

Any queries please reach out in the comments or via message!

Tam & Matt

Loke Battle Mats

Final token sheet designs!
9 days ago – Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 02:06:18 AM

We have added the digital tokens to the DriveThruRPG 'The Dungeon' title!

The tokens have been added to the digital Dungeon title on DriveThruRPG and should be available for download immediately. There are 122 tokens in total which come as 300 DPI PNG files in a single ZIP file.

To download, simply go to the Dungeon in your DriveThruRPG library and select the Token file.

Physical Token Sheets

We can now share with you the first complete images of the physical token sheets!

The 5 Decal Sheets
The 5 Decal Sheets

Not all of the tokens have made it to the physical sheets, mainly the open versions of the doors, as these took up a lot of space and for physical tokens you can just remove the token when the door is opened.

Now you may remember that during the Kickstarter we promised to include a pack of 4 token sheets with The Dungeon Pledge level (and 2 packs with the Double Dungeon). Well we have gone beyond that and we will be including a pack of 5 because we just couldn't fit everything we wanted onto 4 sheets, so there's another on on us in each pack :-)

Our tokens will be reusable as many times as your adventures require! We have included multiple doors as we know these will be one of the most used tokens!

We will also be releasing a video update in the coming days to show you more of the books in action and the tokens in use!

As the final checks are happening now as we start the print run we will keep you updated as we progress through production and fulfilment.


Change of address - If you need to change your address we have not locked down addresses in Backerkit so you can go back into your survey and update your address details there.

Digital Dungeon - Your link to the Digital Dungeon would have been sent directly from DriveThruRPG on or after June 30. It may have ended up in promotions/clutter/junk or spam folders. If its not apparent please drop me a message on Kickstarter and I can resend your link for you.

If you need anything please reach out in the comments!

Tam & Matt

Loke BattleMats

Tokens update
19 days ago – Fri, Aug 02, 2019 at 03:36:07 AM

All of the tokens are complete, we should have them all sized and formatted ready to add to the Digital Dungeon next week.

We showed a couple of architecture sheets last time, so here's a sample of tokens from the Furniture, Danger and Special sheets.

Some Tokens
Some Tokens

We expect to be able to send out a printing update for you next week!

One Page Dungeon Contest

On a side note, Matt and John have managed to get into the winning entries of this years One Page Dungeon Contest, which ran earlier this year, with a not entirely serious entry based on a failed airship raid on a giant mechanical sky-whale. 

For anyone interested, it's a free one-pager on DriveThruRPG, use this link to find 'A Whale of a Time...'

Be warned, we went a little overboard on the whaley bad puns here!

Matt & Tam

Loke BattleMats

Our projected timeline and a first in detail look at the sticker sheets!
27 days ago – Thu, Jul 25, 2019 at 03:31:43 AM

Thanks to all of your support for the Kickstarter, and getting your BackerKit surveys completed so quickly, we have now been able to confirm numbers with the printers and we are SOOOOO close to starting the print run!

We are just dotting the i's and crossing the t's, so there is a lot of back and forth. This bit always takes longer than we expect (especially as we are really keen to get going), but its totally worth it in the end!

We have been pulling together a draft timeline which I am able to share, this is our estimated timings from the start of printing through to you receiving your book. So here is a step by step breakdown of what happens next and how long we expect it will take!

As we are a little later than we had hoped green lighting the print run the timeline has probably moved to October for you receiving your books I'm afraid. Its frustrating for us as we want to get going asap and we are so close to getting everything just as we want it, but we have to make really sure everything is perfect so we are taking our time to make sure the product we create is the best it can be!

So here's what you can expect - 

  • Printing and finishing - 6 weeks

This is dehumidifying, printing, laminating, finishing and shrink wrapping the books in their slip cases. The print run covers all the Dungeon books and the add-ons as well as the extras we are ordering for retail.

You can expect some pictures from us of what's happening as we move through the process.

  • Shipping (factory to Hubs) - 21 days

Directly from the factory the books will ship to our fulfilment hubs. We expect they will be on the water for approx 3 weeks. Hopefully we will be able to find out ship names as it is possible to track your Dungeon as it travels the world  (frankly that's loads of fun!)

  • Unloading and customs - 1 week

This is a variable as we don't know how busy the ports and customs will be, we will allow 1 week although it could take a little longer. 

  • Shipping (Fulfilment) - 3 weeks (plus shipping time to you)

Once the books hit the fulfilment centres it can take 3 weeks to process and pick all the pledges and ship from there. Then we add on the actual time in transit to you (this will vary depending on where you are, although we are planning to use 5 regional hubs so this will drastically reduce transit times). We are hard at work with our partners to minimise this processing time and hopefully we can save some time here.

What next for us?

We will be getting the last details finalised and then getting going with printing!

Following this we will be focused on quality control and staying in contact with the printers as they get to work to ensure everything goes smoothly and we are on track! You can expect videos and manufacturing updates from us and we will update the timeline if anything changes.

We will also be working with our fulfilment agent GamesQuest to make sure they have everything they need in order to get the logistics planned and in place. We have a lot to organise and plan so we can get fulfilment as smooth and quick as possible!

Oh and we'll be playtesting and releasing the module for the Digital Dungeon! It's all go at Loke HQ and we're so excited to get these books to you!

Updating/changing your address

We will leave addresses unlocked in Backerkit until the Books are on ships approaching the fulfilment centres so we can work with the most up to date information. We will give you a weeks notice at least of when we will be locking addresses in case you need to update your information.

Any questions please shout out!

Matt & Tam

Loke BattleMats

Oh and here's a first look at some of our final sticker sheets! These 2 are "architecture", the other themes for the sheets include "danger" and "furniture". We will share these soon as well and these will be added to The Dungeon title on DriveThruRPG in the coming days.

As you can see we have been sure to include multiples of walls and doors as we see these as the most used designs.

Interesting fact alert! The fallen door on the second sheet is actually the front door of Leeds castle in Kent UK!

Oh and if you're heading to GenCon swing by Albino Dragon on stand 158 and you can check out our very own Giant Book of Battle Mats!

A close up look at our final samples!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jul 12, 2019 at 11:12:01 PM

We are super excited to share a close up look at our final samples!

As per popular request this is our first video update! We show our final run samples for both books of The Dungeon, the slip case and a the first look at the hard cover Little Book.

These samples are digital prints and are hand made and hand laminated. This means The Dungeon print run - which will be an offset print and industrial laminate - will actually be of a higher quality.

Straight away seeing the samples there are a couple of tweaks we will be making, nothing major but we will be inverting the sea entrance pages (p3&4 book 2) so they line up with book 1, and make a couple of tweaks to colours. This is the stage where we have to be hyper critical with our work so we will be locked in the office for the weekend with tape measures, colour charts and magnifiers triple checking everything!!

We are very excited by how good these are looking! 

As I am sure you will ask where are the stickers? They have been delayed as we are still perfecting (don't laugh) the stickiness. We have to get the adhesive level just right as we want them to be easy to take off the books and there is a lot of communication with the factory to get that perfect before we print the samples. We aren't expecting this to hold things up at all as the stickers will be faster to print than the books.

Once we have gone through this with a fine tooth comb we will be approving the start of manufacturing. At this point we will be able to break down our timeline for you so you can see when we expect the books to leave the factory, arrive at fulfilment centres and get sent out to you. A full update on this will follow!

At this stage we are working on the timeline that we will ship the books to you (i.e. they will leave our fulfilment partners en route to you) at the end of September. How long they take to reach you will depend on where you are but at this stage its looking like we have the numbers to use 5 regional fulfilment hubs to speed things along!

I know its still really early days in terms of our production timeline, but I really can't wait to see pics of you guys using these, they make game planning and prep so much fun :-)

See you in the comments!

Tam & Matt

Loke BattleMats